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The Divača Cave - an extravagance of beauty and peace

The Divača Cave lies near The Divača-Lokev Road and is approximately one kilometer distant from Divača. It was discovered in 1884 by the local Gregor Žiberna.Three years later, the cave was arranged for tourist visits.

A visit to the cave is very interesting as it, together with surrounding collapse valleys and shafts, constitutes a part of once active cave system formed by the Reka river, which sinks  today in the famous Škocjan caves.Almost entire cave is richly decorated with calcite formations that have developed through its geological history. The cave shelters numerous species of cave animals and other forms of life. In the past, the cave the cave was visited by many prominent personalities. Especially worth mentioning are Rudolf of Hapsburg, Crown prince of Austria, whose name the cave bore for some time, and the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.The walkway in the cave is well-maintained and illuminated and thus suitable for visitors of all ages. It is approximately 500m long. The temperature in the cave is 11°c/52°f.

Access to the cave: One just has to follow the sings by the Divača-Lokev road.The cave is also a suitable destination for those who come to Divača by a train. One has to walk from the railway station on the Risnik Education Trail that leads thorough karst wood and past large collapse valleys. This alternative is a wonderful opportunity for a half day trip.


Jamarsko društvo Gregor Žiberna Divača
Kraška cesta 67, 6215 Divača
T: 031/ 522 785 Borut Lozej, 041/ 498 103 Kristjan Rešaver
E: divaska.jama@divaca.net


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